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Currently in Bloom

  • Euphorbia cyparissias 'Fen's Ruby'

    Euphorbia cyparissias 'Fen's Ruby'

    Very finely-textured leaves emerge ruby-red and fade to bluish-green. The leaves are topped in summer by heads of chartreuse flowers. This textural plant naturalizes to form a groundcover.

  • Salvia elegans 'Scarlet Tangerine'

    Salvia elegans 'Scarlet Tangerine'

    Delicate spikes of brilliant red, tubular flowers appear above citrus-scented leaves in late summer and fall. Tangerine sage has a marvelous pineapple scent and flavor; an excellent herb for use in teas, potpourri or garnishes.

  • Verbena tenuisecta 'Magelana Lipstick'

    Verbena tenuisecta 'Magelana Lipstick'

    Clusters of brilliant magenta flowers provide non-stop color spring until frost. A cascading habit makes it a popular choice for planters and hanging baskets.

  • Oxalis vulcanicola 'Sunset Velvet'

    Oxalis vulcanicola 'Sunset Velvet'

    Clear lemon-yellow flowers bloom above golden-orange-to-bronze foliage in spring and summer. The foliage takes on deeper bronze-pink tones in cool temperatures.

  • Verbena   'Veralena Elegant White'

    Verbena 'Veralena Elegant White'

    Pure white flowers bloom all summer long! The trailing foliage is excellent spilling out of containers or it can be used as a summer groundcover.

  • Celosia 'Intenz'

    Celosia 'Intenz'

    The electric magenta 'plume' atop the deep green foliage of this Celosia adds an exotic and tropical effect to gardens all summer. This self-seeding annual is truly one of the most unique plants you will find.

  • Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Pink'

    Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Pink'

    Profuse flower spikes of light pink are produced from spring to frost on this dwarf sage. 'Summer Jewel Pink' is attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees alike and will bounce right back after heavy rains or wind!

  • Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Red'

    Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Red'

    Copious bright red flower spikes set the garden ablaze from spring to frost! One of the best for attracting hummingbirds! Bounces right back after heavy rains or winds.

  • Torenia 'Magenta Moon'

    Torenia 'Magenta Moon'

    This Wishbone Flower adds vivid color to your gardens and containers. This selection bears apricot and magenta blossoms with a dark magenta eye. Trailing habit makes it perfect for containers and window boxes. 4-6" tall and sprawling.

  • Alyssum maritima 'Giga White'

    Alyssum maritima 'Giga White'

    Huge white blooms of Giga proportions! This selection produces the largest flowers of any Alyssum available and also has great branching on compact plants! Perfect for containers!

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