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Availability Lists & Ordering

Blooming Nursery is excited to offer you 3 ways to receive our availability lists and 3 ways to place an order - the choice is yours! Availability Lists are available via fax to your place of business, email or as a download from availabilties section.

Placing an order is always simple - you can:

  • 1. Fax = Fast: Fax us your order to 503-357-2932 or 800-239-5926
  • 2. Email = Faster: Save a copy of the excel spreadsheet from your email or from our website, fill it out and email it back to us
  • 3. Online Ordering = Fastest: Sign up for an account on our website and place your orders online

Shipping Minimum

Our minimum is 2 full boxes, or 6-8 flats. Full boxes are the safest and most economical way to ship. Bare root divisions (in multiples of 25 per variety) may be combined in boxes with liners.

Substitutions & Back Orders

Let us know if you would like us to substitute similar varieties if the one you requested is not available at time of shipping.

Although we make every effort to fill your order completely, unpredictable crop and weather conditions can cause delay or failure. If we are unable to ship your order its entirety, we will backorder a remainder of 4 flats or more. If less than 4 flats remain, a new order can be made to meet the 6-8 flat shipping minimum.

Canceling Orders

If it is necessary to cancel an order, you must submit a request to your Sales Representative as soon as possible. A fee of 15% will be assessed for orders already in process.

Plant Royalties

In some cases royalties are included in the plant cost. These are noted with an asterisk after the plant name. If the royalty is listed at the end of the plant name it is not included in the price shown but will be added at time of invoicing.

Shipping Methods

We ship to all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Canada mainly through FedEx 3-Day, Ground or USPS. Large orders may be shipped via common carrier on our wooden One-Way Shippers. Please contact your Sales Representative for details and freight quotes.

Packing Charges

We ship in medium or large corrugated boxes accommodating up to 6 flats per box depending on liner size and top growth. A packing charge is added to all orders boxed for shipment.

  • Potted Liners & Plugs: $1.75 per flat
  • Bare Root Material: $2.50 per box
  • Palletized Shipments: $10.00 per pallet plus boxing charge
  • One-Way Shipper: $125.00 or less depending on number of shelves. Shipper holds up to 80 flats.


California Grass Certificates & Customs Fees


  • * A CQ Certificate is required for all ornamental grasses shipped into California. Fee is $20.00 per certificate.
  • * Orders shipped into Puerto Rico require a Phytosanitary Certificate per shipment. Fee is $30.00 per certificate.
  • * Orders shipped into Canada require a Phytosanitary Certificate per shipment. Fee is $30.00 per certificate. Customers are responsible for their own Customs Brokerage, all associated fees and paperwork.


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