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Currently in Bloom

  • Helenium 'Rubinzwerg' (Ruby Dwarf)

    Helenium 'Rubinzwerg' (Ruby Dwarf)

    Dark brick-red flowers have yellow and brown centers and appear in late summer. It grows just 32" tall which makes it easy to combine with other late summer blooming perennials.

  • Molinia caerulea 'Variegata'

    Molinia caerulea 'Variegata'

    Dark green and cream leaves give off a golden glow, accented by ochre flower plumes in late summer. A compact grass and excellent for containers. A "Great Plant Pick" for the Pacific Northwest!

  • Nepeta racemosa 'Little Titch'

    Nepeta racemosa 'Little Titch'

    Sweet blue flowers grace this dwarf Catmint repeatedly. Low mounds of gray-green foliage stay compact and carefree.

  • Persicaria amplexicaule 'Firetail'

    Persicaria amplexicaule 'Firetail'

    Outstanding bright red flower spikes adorn this large bushy, spreading perennial. Very long blooming and easy to grow. Very attractive to bees and butterflies!

  • Rhamnus 'Fine LineĀ®'

    Rhamnus 'Fine LineĀ®'

    Narrow upright column of fern-like foliage provides unique texture and structure to the garden. Use as a narrow hedge, screen or vertical accent.

  • Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Lacey Blue' (Lisslitt)

    Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Lacey Blue' (Lisslitt)

    Deep violet-blue flowers arranged in panicles appear in summer above gray-green lacy foliage. A long bloomer that prefers dry, well-drained soil and a sunny location. Perfect for containers!

  • Koeleria glauca 'Tiny Tot'

    Koeleria glauca 'Tiny Tot'

    Distinct blue-green fine-textured foliage that's topped by narrow erect flower panicles in late spring that open light green and then age to a buff color. Excellent when used as a filler in mixed containers.

  • Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Burgundy Bunny'

    Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Burgundy Bunny'

    Clumps of fine leaves start green in spring, then have red accents in summer, topped with creamy white bunny-tail flowers. In autumn, the foliage color deepens until the entire plant is glowing red!

  • Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Little Henry'

    Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Little Henry'

    Quilled, golden blooms just like Henry Eilers but grows 1/3 shorter making this a perfect fit for any landscape. Blooms from July through September and makes a great cut flower. Butterflies love it!

  • Achillea 'Song Siren Little Susie'

    Achillea 'Song Siren Little Susie'

    This long-blooming, sun-lover starts out a deep rose pink and gradually fades to a soft lilac. Blooms Spring-Fall. Great as a cut or dried flower and pollinator attraction!

  • Heuchera Berry Timeless*

    Heuchera Berry Timeless*

    Bright green scalloped leaves with a silver frosting contrast with bright pink flower spikes from spring to frost.

  • Solidago v a Minutissima

    Solidago v a Minutissima

    This Solidago should be called "itty-bitty" as it's the smallest in it's family. But don't let it's small stature fool you; the bright gold flowers that crown the mat of dense green foliage put on a show better than some twice its size!