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  • Bellis perennis 'Pomponette Red'

    Bellis perennis 'Pomponette Red'

    Shades of deep rose to carmine red double daisy flowers form small buttons from early spring through the cool part of early summer. Biennial, but self-seeds reliably to produce a perennial display.

  • Helleborus argutifolius

    Helleborus argutifolius

    Attractive apple-green flowers are held in large clusters above bold, holly-like evergreen leaves, late winter through spring. A "Great Plant Pick" for the Pacific Northwest!

  • Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue'

    Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue'

    Loads of lavender-blue flowers bloom spring through fall on this compact plant. A rewarding garden performer, it was chosen as a Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year.

  • Viola  'Columbine'

    Viola 'Columbine'

    Delicately tie-dyed violet and white! Violas are lightly fragrant with nice stems for cutting. A wonderful long-blooming and low maintenance selection for spring. Semi-evergreen

  • Viola  'Irish Molly'

    Viola 'Irish Molly'

    An absolutely stunning old-fashioned cottage garden favorite! Petals are maroon-brown overlaid with a shimmer of iridescent bronze and yellow shining through on lower petals.

  • Helleborus x nigercors 'Honeyhill Joy'

    Helleborus x nigercors 'Honeyhill Joy'

    Large, outfacing, white flowers with cream centers, bloom over vigorous, evergreen, blue-green foliage. Late winter blooms last 2 or more months!

  • Erysimum 'Poem Lilac'

    Erysimum 'Poem Lilac'

    Deep burgundy buds turn into a profusion of medium sized, sweetly scented lilac-purple flowers, from spring through early summer. It has an even, compact growth habit.

  • Hebe  'Sunset Boulevard'

    Hebe 'Sunset Boulevard'

    An abundance of deep pink flower spikes stand over dark green glossy leaves in summer to early fall. A compact, hardy evergreen shrub that prefers a sun to semi-shaded area.

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