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  • Bellis perennis 'Pomponette Mix'

    Bellis perennis 'Pomponette Mix'

    Miniature, perfect double daisies in red, pink, and white bloom profusely for many weeks in spring. Multi-petalled and petite flowers form small buttons. Biennial, usually lasting through one season, but self-seeds.

  • Bellis perennis 'Pomponette Red'

    Bellis perennis 'Pomponette Red'

    Shades of deep rose to carmine red double daisy flowers form small buttons from early spring through the cool part of early summer. Biennial, usually lasting through one season, but self-seeds.

  • Iberis sempervirens 'Purity'

    Iberis sempervirens 'Purity'

    Large white flower clusters cover glossy deep green foliage for months in spring. A carefree evergreen accent, perfect for massing or for the rockery.

  • Iberis sempervirens 'Snowflake'

    Iberis sempervirens 'Snowflake'

    Pure white flowers in spring top short, broad, evergreen leaves. Grows to form a wide cushion that is perfect for rock gardens or borders.

  • Viola 'Columbine'

    Viola 'Columbine'

    Delicately tie-dyed violet and white Violas are lightly fragrant with nice stems for cutting. A wonderful long-blooming and low maintenance selection for spring. Semi-evergreen

  • Helleborus niger x orientalis 'Rosemary'

    Helleborus niger x orientalis 'Rosemary'

    Outward facing flowers open clear pink with lighter centers and veining then age to a beautiful rich salmon-pink. Produces an amazing number of blooms and the sterile flowers means an extra long bloom time!

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