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  • Aubrieta x cultorum 'Rokey's Purple'

    Aubrieta x cultorum 'Rokey's Purple'

    A profusion of royal purple blooms cover this low-growing perennial in spring. A very long and repeat bloomer, ideal for the rockery or at the edge of the flower border.

  • Euphorbia x martinii 'Redwing'

    Euphorbia x martinii 'Redwing'

    Deep red buds open to massive clouds of sulphur-yellow flowers in spring. A bushy compact mound of early spring red foliage, turns deep green. Requires a dry location with good drainage.

  • Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'

    Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'

    Versatile and tough with tiny, fern-like leaves that turn nearly-black in the coolest times of the year. Excellent between pavers or as a lawn substitute. A "Great Plant Pick" for the Pacific Northwest.

  • Leptinella squalida

    Leptinella squalida

    Small, bronze-green, feathery foliage is great between stepping stones. Tiny, yellowish-green to gold flowers are produced in spring. This very tight, low-growing evergreen groundcover is exceptional!  

  • Oxalis vulcanicola 'Sunset Velvet'

    Oxalis vulcanicola 'Sunset Velvet'

    Clear lemon-yellow flowers bloom above golden-orange-to-bronze foliage in spring and summer. The foliage takes on deeper bronze-pink tones in cool temperatures.

  • Viola  'Blueberry Blush'

    Viola 'Blueberry Blush'

    Each petal is suffused with blueberry-blue spreading from the center. Flowers have a light, sweet fragrance and rise above heart-shaped leaves.

  • Pulmonaria  Moonshine'

    Pulmonaria Moonshine'

    The wide, oval leaves are almost completely silvered when mature. The deep green edge offers great contrast and a crisp look. Pale blue to white flowers in spring accent the foliage mound, which is attractive all season long.

  • Euphorbia hypericifolia 'Breathless White'

    Euphorbia hypericifolia 'Breathless White'

    Neat mounds of fine-leafed green foliage densely covered with dainty snow-white flowers from spring through fall! Fast-growing and free-flowering, it is the perfect choice for a container or at the front of the mixed border.

  • Bergenia  'Flirt'

    Bergenia 'Flirt'

    This miniature Bergenia boasts an extraordinary show of large, deep pink flowers in spring. It's shiny evergreen foliage remains dark green until winter when they darken to almost black. Excellent choice for your favorite container.

  • Lavendula stoechas 'Madrid New Purple'

    Lavendula stoechas 'Madrid New Purple'

    A free flowering Spanish Lavender, Madrid New Purple has large bracts over deep purple flower heads that appear in mid spring. A second bloom can be encourage by deadheading the plants. Needs good drainage.

  • Sutera  'Big Falls Dark Pink'

    Sutera 'Big Falls Dark Pink'

    Large, dark pink blooms smother this heat tolerant Bacopa all season long! Plants branch out very well so fewer plants are needed to fill a container or hanging basket. Can be used as a single specimen or mixed with other annuals.

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