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  • Armeria maritima 'Dusseldorf'

    Armeria maritima 'Dusseldorf'

    Deep rose-pink, globe-like flowers grace this compact, grass-like evergreen perennial from spring into summer and again in fall. Perfect for the alpine, rock, or coastal garden.

  • Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia'

    Armeria maritima 'Rubrifolia'

    Grassy burgundy foliage forms a tight evergreen clump topped by numerous rose-pink clusters of flowers from spring into summer. Perfect for the alpine, rock, or coastal garden.

  • Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch' ('Feuerhexe')

    Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch' ('Feuerhexe')

    These old-fashioned favorites feature vibrant, hot pink-purple fragrant flowers from mid-spring through mid-summer. Grassy, electric blue-green foliage forms a low cushion. This variety is unusually tough and long lived.

  • Gaura lindheimeri 'Whirling Butterflies'

    Gaura lindheimeri 'Whirling Butterflies'

    A light, airy texture is created by a profusion of relatively larger white flowers that bloom in summer and dance in the wind on graceful, rosy-red, willow-leaved stems. Butterflies adore this plant!

  • Geranium himalayense x wallichianum 'Rozanne'

    Geranium himalayense x wallichianum 'Rozanne'

    Showy, deep blue flowers with white eyes bloom profusely spring to frost. 'Rozanne' has a mounding, slightly-weaving habit and deeply cut foliage. Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year; "Great Plant Pick" for the Pacific Northwest!

  • Lewisia cotyledon 'Regenbogen' ('Rainbow')

    Lewisia cotyledon 'Regenbogen' ('Rainbow')

    Succulent rosettes are topped by clusters of rainbow-hued flowers in late spring and early summer. This choice alpine requires excellent drainage.

  • Viola cornuta 'Etain'

    Viola cornuta 'Etain'

    Lovely light yellow flowers with lavender edges have a sweet fragrance from spring through fall. Compact and very free-flowering; 'Etain' makes a great border or container plant. Semi-evergreen

  • Helenium 'Carnival'

    Helenium 'Carnival'

    Petals emerge in rays of bright yellow with an orange reverse and radiate from a prominent cinnamon cone, blooming from summer to fall. After a week of stunning display, petals quill or roll up like a pen, creating a carnival of color.

  • Viola Sorbet® Mix

    Viola Sorbet® Mix

    An excellent mix of bi-color flowers bloom from fall though the depths of winter, and into spring! Viola Sorbet surpasses other cultivars for its hardiness and sheer flower power, with an abundance of colorful individually painted blooms.

  • Nepeta faassenii 'Junior Walker's'

    Nepeta faassenii 'Junior Walker's'

    This compact Nepeta retains the non-reseeding quality of its popular parent 'Walker's Low' but is more restrained and can be appropriate for border edging.

  • Heuchera x 'Delta Dawn'

    Heuchera x 'Delta Dawn'

    Large gold leaves look like they were painted with red watercolor! Soft red spills over entire leaf surface. White flowers appear in summer. Year round color! Perfect for containers and borders.

  • Delosperma x Alan's Apricot'

    Delosperma x Alan's Apricot'

    The blooms on this lovely Ice Plant are 2" wide. Graceful narrow petals bloom apricot orange, become nearly pink and then fade back to apricot., creating a beautiful varied effect! Quite drought tolerant once established.

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