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  • Cistus x skanbergii

    Cistus x skanbergii

    This tough and graceful dwarf evergreen shrub features soft pink flowers in late spring. Highly recommended, it tolerates poor soil, dry banks and maritime conditions.

  • Corydalis 'Canary Feathers'

    Corydalis 'Canary Feathers'

    A very showy and vigorous Corydalis! Soft blue-green, fern-like foliage is topped by surprisingly long spires of canary-yellow flowers in spring and summer. Unlike other corydalis, this sterile cultivar will not re-seed throughout the garden.

  • Pulmonaria angustifolia 'Azurea'

    Pulmonaria angustifolia 'Azurea'

    Brilliant blue flowers sparkle above a low carpet of solid green leaves in early spring. It grows best in part shade with rich, moist soil.

  • Pulmonaria longifolia 'Diana Clare'

    Pulmonaria longifolia 'Diana Clare'

    Leaves emerge sage-green with silvery spots that soon overtake the whole leaf, making it appear as if dipped in silver! Flowers emerge a vibrant, violet-blue then transition to purple and finally pink!

  • Spiraea thunbergii 'Ogon'

    Spiraea thunbergii 'Ogon'

    Exquisite! An outstanding, golden-leaved cultivar with fine willow-like foliage and early spring white flowers. Bronze fall color. A "Great Plant Pick" for the Pacific Northwest.

  • Viola labradorica

    Viola labradorica

    Dainty violet-blue flowers grace purple foliage from May to June. It spreads to form an attractive groundcover. Great color in the spring.

  • Euphorbia x martinii 'Rudolph'

    Euphorbia x martinii 'Rudolph'

    As temperatures drop in fall and winter, vivid red bracts appear, bringing to mind Rudolph's famous nose! Showy yellow-green flower clusters with red centers appear in spring to summer.

  • Helleborus 'Ivory Prince'

    Helleborus 'Ivory Prince'

    Large ivory-white flowers bloom from late winter through early spring, displayed upright rather than face down like most Hellebores. The tidy evergreen foliage is an added bonus!

  • Pansy Spring Matrix Orange

    Pansy Spring Matrix Orange

    This clear orange Pansy will bloom from early fall through late spring! In fall, plant before soil temp drops below 50 for an explosion of color in early spring!

  • Pansy 'Spring Matrix Lemon'

    Pansy 'Spring Matrix Lemon'

    Lemon yellow blooms in fall and early spring! Great in containers, baskets, or the front of the border.

  • Pansy 'Spring Matrix White Blotch'

    Pansy 'Spring Matrix White Blotch'

    White petals with dark blotches in the center creates a beautiful bi-colored combination for any flower garden or container. Attracts butterflies.

  • Lavendula stoechas LaVela Dark Violet Compact

    Lavendula stoechas LaVela Dark Violet Compact